I Love Men in Certain Uniforms!

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Someone Isn't In on the Secret Recipe

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Get Your Mind Out of the Butter, KFC

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He Doesnt Wanna Hear This Crap

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Finger-Licking Fingers

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KFC's Got a Bone to Pick With 'Clean Eaters' And They Tweeted Out One Fire-Starter of a Parody to Kick Things Off

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Guy aggressively tweets at KFC fast food restaurant until they bring back the spicy chicken drumlets.

Internet Hero Aggressively Tweets At KFC For a Year Till They Bring Back the Spicy Chicken Drumlets

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The Colonel Was Not ready for This Kind of Reaction

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Hope You Like it Crispy!

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Plot Twist: Girlfriend Was Arbys the Whole Time

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McColonel Pounders With Cheese

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Guy Tweets At KFC After Discovering Bizarre Piece of Chicken and They Fry Him With Five Star, Snarky Customer Service

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KFC fast food restaurant is launching a chicken sandwich into space with high tech balloon.

KFC's Launching a Chicken Sandwich Into The Far Reaches of Outer Space

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KFC Australia Is Getting Fried to a Crisp for Hilarious "NSFW" Tweet

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KFC Math

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By Robbie Morgan