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Katy Perry's New Music Video Is a Facebook Timeline Ad in Disguise

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Geopolitical Strategist Shark Sez...

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Wait Long Enough and the Crazies Will Always Come Out of the Woodwork

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Vin Diesel Posts a Video on Facebook of Him Dancing to Beyoncé and Katy Perry

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I Smoked a Rock, And I Liked It

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John Mayer Has a Good Sense of Humor About His Celebrity

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Who You Are

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Clearly the Left Shark is the Antichrist

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Work(ing It) History

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You're an AIDlien!

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Facebook Said I Could Be Anything, So I Became Katy Perry

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All the Student Loans Are Worth it for the Dank Memes

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He is, in Fact, a Teenage Dream

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A Million Times You're!

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You Only Have One Bullet...

hitler katy perry status - 4700614144
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