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funny kanye west twitter posts from over the years

Kanye West Has Left Twitter But Here Are Some Of His Oddly Inspirational And Thought-Provoking Tweets

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Kanye Never Lets You Finish

kanye west kim kardashian sex - 6187703040
By Unknown

Kanye Party 64

Via kanyewest

Global Morning Sickness

puking kim kardashian kanye west failbook - 6937244416
By MojoJoJo27

One Of The Best Status Updates Of All Time

kanye west led zeppelin lyrics Music taylor swift - 6083393792
By itechbrian

You Better Follow Through With This!

baby names morning wood kanye west north west - 7622032384
By mary335

I'm Kanye Impressed

kanye west - 6951889920
By Unknown

I Wish I Had a Cool Last Name Too...

beach kim kardashian kanye west north west failbook g rated - 7601163008
By neongirl1049

Kim Kardashian is Such a Successful Business Woman

kim kardashian kanye west - 6693982720

Can You Make Your Hypocrisy Any More Obvious?

captain obvious kim kardashian kanye west north west - 7863471872
By Unknown

Weird, a TON of People Made the Exact Same Pose in Kanye's Exclusive New Shoes

Via Brown Cardigan
Music breaking bad Jay Z rappers tv shows eminem kanye west tupac 50 cent the simpsons arrested development snoop dogg - 111621

Phonte Compares Rappers to TV Shows Flawlessly

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Indeed, M'Lady, Your Phrasing is Impeccable!

instagram kanye west kim kardashian tweet twitter - 6534856448
By Unknown

Kanye West Collaborated With Paul McCartney on a New Track, Let's See How Dumb Twitter Gets About it

twitter facepalm kanye west failbook g rated - 8417169920
Via skullmandible

If One Joins the Army, They'll Be "Major Wood"

baby names wood kim kardashian kanye west north west last names - 7646210304
By gwood2

Everyone Has THAT Uncle...

kanye west uncles - 7928664320
By IceSkaterGirl
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