What Have You Done This Time, Miley?

news whoops miley cyrus Probably bad News juxtaposition - 8382614016
Created by Bellabean

Press X to Pet, Y to Harvest

tumblr juxtaposition coincidence - 8335295488
Via Know Your Meme


instagram juxtaposition failbook g rated - 7420229888
Created by tidy_chaos

Who's Up for Seafood?

accidental sexy suggestion juxtaposition - 8426033408
Created by Boyd

Peter Gabriel is the Gift That Keeps Giving

Music news suggestion Probably bad News monkey juxtaposition fail nation failbook - 8406200832
Created by Bonnie

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

snow juxtaposition - 7892711168
Created by assumetehposition

When a Transformer and a Woman Love Each Other Very Much...

transformers marriage engaged optimus prime juxtaposition failbook g rated - 8445271296
Created by shlatekkin

No Relation. Honest.

diabetes juxtaposition diabeetus food - 8381767680
Via Acid Cow

Timing is a Beautiful Thing

shorts timing juxtaposition - 7839891200
Created by katangerine

The Other Woman, and the Other Other Other Woman

news relationships suggestion juxtaposition - 8475831040
Created by D Mulls

I Need This Relationship Like I Need...

relationships facebook juxtaposition - 8122134016
Via darianpar

Sebastian for Dinner?

butter disney juxtaposition - 8165017088

Facebook's Suggestions Are Probably Funnier Than All of Us

Via drewisalrightiguess

Done and Done

juxtaposition bitstrips failbook g rated - 7897979392
Created by saamari54 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Facebook Knows You're Becoming a Spinster

Via bijanstephen

This is One Awkward Timeline

Awkward ice bucket challenge juxtaposition - 8298938880
Created by Hierfur
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