Anti-Joke Horse

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By Unknown

Start and End

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By Unknown

That Old Trick

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By Unknown

Things in Common

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SEXY Pillow Fight!

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This Joke, Like Life, Has No Punch Line

bartender crying gorilla joke - 6516707328
By Unknown

Four Blondes

blonde facepalm joke - 4579364352
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Getting the Joke FAIL

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By misterinnovation

Facebook: Selling Out Since 2004

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Via CeRipH


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By summerrrlovin

That Awkward Moment When You Tell a Joke, and Censor the Punchline

joke that awkward moment - 6233672960
By Unknown

The Downside of Posting Jokes on Facebook

color crayons facepalm joke - 6109413632
By Unknown

One Minute Ago, Near the Grand Canyon

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By Yahoo

The Pre-Natal Period

clever failbook g rated joke pregnancy - 5871753984
By Unknown

Janine's About to Get Roasted

Charlie Sheen facepalm joke over-hisher-head roast - 5222322176
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