That's About Seven Jobs in One

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The Corner of 'Screw You' Street and 'Go to Hell' Avenue

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Watch out, We Have a Tough Guy Over Here

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14 People Explain Their Jobs Badly And It Makes For An Instant Comedic Goldmine

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It's Getting Harder to Get a Good Job These Days

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People share stories of their worst summer jobs.

14 People Share Gruesome Stories of Their Worst Summer Jobs

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Lady Responds to Strict Office Dress Code By Wearing Incredible Costumes

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Hey! There's an Idea!

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Dead Ones Need Not Apply

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Choo Choo! The Karma Train Has Arrived

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This Tire Shop in Lancashire's Social Media Marketing is Straight Up Accidentally Hilarious

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School Security With a Zero Understanding Tolerance Policy

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Forever Waiting

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If You're a CEO of a Retail Chain and Want to Do a Reddit AMA, Learn From REI's Mistakes

fail CEO of REI does a reddit AMA and past employees shed light on truth of working there
Via Full Reddit AmA Thread Here

Fired and Pwned

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