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The New iPhone is Cool and All, But What if We Froze it and Shattered it Like the T-1000?

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You'll Even Look Cool Doing It!

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By Katie P

Take MY Name in Vain, Will You?

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By Unknown

A Tragic iPhone Tale

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Girl Live-Tweets About Returning Misplaced Phone, Reveals Siri Is an Unreliable Snitch That's Way Too Liberal With Private Info

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Waiting for the Cash Cloud Leaks

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Yhae Iknwo I'tsa An Ruohgh Lyfe Sumtiems

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By Unknown

Autocorrect Can't Fix Stupid

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By XX668.5
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The Old Nokia 3310 Does Not Give a Care About Your Bend Test

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Twice a Day it's the Perfect Phone Lock Screen

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Sleep Through Your Alarm?

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Smart People

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By Bronelious


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So Much for That New Year's Resolution

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