Isn't It Great When You're Still Friends After the Breakup?

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So Sonic, Such Cold-Blooded

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20 times Gordon Ramsay lashed out at aspiring chefs with brutal twitter roasts.

20 Times Gordon Ramsay Chopped and Skewered Aspiring Chefs on Twitter

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donald trump roasts

People Are Brutally Roasting Donald Trump With Imaginative Song Lyrics For His First 100 Days

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McDonald's twitter hacked

McDonald's Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Proceeds to Ruthlessly Trash Donald Trump

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Tweets that prove kids can be ruthless, insult-slinging savages.

14 Tweets That Prove Kids Can Be Ruthless, Insult-Spewing Savages

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Textbook Definition of "Non Sequiter"

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Social media and texting insults that left people in ruins.

18 Ruthless Texting and Social Media Burns That Left People Obliterated

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Oblivious Grandma Fails Miserably, Accidentally Skewers Her Grandson With Brutal Birthday Card

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Someone Grab the Smelling Salts, Cause Roger Goodell Just Got Clotheslined By These Brutal Signs at Patriots Parade

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ex dating tips

21 People Share Brutally Sarcastic Tips For Dating Their Exes

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This is Only Offensive to Harvey Dent

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Donald Trump twitter civil war

People Are Ripping Donald Trump Apart On Twitter For His Comments About the Civil War

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A collection of insults that sound like compliments | CaptainShitHead1 4h 6 Awards on top bell curve Reply 9.3k

Deceptive Insults That Sound Like Compliments

Don't fall for these.
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Journalist accidentally reveals he's into Hentai and the internet proceeds to roast him.

Journalist Accidentally Reveals He's Into Hentai, and Internet Is Roasting the Hell Out of Him

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Thumper Needs a Dose of His Own Medicine

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