Tumblr User Thinks Honey's Made From Bees

This is one of those wild Tumblr interactions that we sorely hope is nothing more than a devilish troll on the part of the one profoundly clueless Tumblr user. The dude suggests that honey comes from bees that have been squashed up in some kind of grinder device. Seriously, where do people read some of this stuff? 

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A clueless Tumblr user thinks that honey is made from squashed up bees | fallout-new-vegas-2010 Follow vegans make peace with honey no shut up do fallout-new-vegas-2010 Follow Vegans be like can't take product bee's labor" and then eat child slave quinoa atomicwinterwonderland vegans will pretend not hear natives tell them their agave products are unsustainable because they have whimsical feelings about, and cannot stress this enough freedom hive insects
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