Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

Nice Cover-Up Attempt

creepy innuendo piercings - 5864266240
Created by Elindra

Just Don't Get Too Excited

engagement innuendo typo - 5871499008
Created by Hollyroseann84

Right Behind His Back

background innuendo picture - 6075785472
Created by MayorOfKenya

Getting in Line

girlfriends innuendo wtf - 5970131200
Created by caffeinediary

Poor Mark

forever alone grammar innuendo pictures - 5980971008
Created by Unknown

Protein Stains Are a Sign of Relationship Issues

innuendo p33n zing - 5927815936
Created by xxxmousexxx

You Must Be Really Limber!

innuendo pie - 8014979840
Created by Unknown

Going in Raw Dog

dirty innuendo STD virus - 5906435584
Created by Katelyn

You Gotta be Gentle With Those Minors

guitar innuendo touché whoosh - 5885935360
Via Reddit

Hired For Honesty

innuendo prank Professional At Work resume - 6048535552
Created by Unknown

How To Webcam

innuendo jokes p33n - 6064502784
Created by iHorsetamer

He Shot His Screen Too Quickly

innuendo screenshot - 6043067136
Created by Unknown

Blondes Have More Fun (at Your Expense)

beer drinking relationship innuendo puns girlfriend failbook g rated - 8462725376
Created by Saralysette

Kobayashi's Secret

food innuendo p33n - 6031061504
Created by Unknown

Her Two Best Friends

alcohol embarrassing innuendo pictures toys - 6038471936
Created by Frankie

Open Up Your Heart

double entendre innuendo - 6509329152
Created by potatoerok
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