The World Revolves Around US

facepalm fourth of july holidays usa - 5364115712
By Unknown

Can the Holidays Be Over Yet?

Grumpy Cat holidays - 6836916480
By Unknown
christmas twitter list holidays politics - 1124869

After Election Night, Some People are Ready to Fast Forward to Christmas and Have Started By Decorating Their Tree Already

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By Unknown

What's Scary Is Your Understanding Of Holidays

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By Unknown

Australia Apparently Doesn't Adhere to Our Holidays

Featured Fail halloween holidays - 5377777152
By icarus.quigley
grandma texts thanksgiving invitation to the wrong number

Story of Grandma Who Texted Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation to Wrong Number Has the Best Ending Ever

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pizza hut pizza food tweet holidays - 468484

Pizza Hut Knows the Holidays Are For Treatin' Yo Self (and a Few Friends)

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If You're a CEO of a Retail Chain and Want to Do a Reddit AMA, Learn From REI's Mistakes

fail CEO of REI does a reddit AMA and past employees shed light on truth of working there
Via Full Reddit AmA Thread Here

Coladge Educetied

holidays thanksgiving failbook g rated - 7925012992
By warlord86 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
fashion twitter FAIL list Target holidays - 678661

Target's Ugly Red Christmas Sweater is Bringing All the Haters To Their Feed

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twitter FAIL thanksgiving true story dinner family holidays - 1166597

Internet Brings the Creative Fire With Latest Attempts at Describing That Upcoming Holiday Dinner In Three Words

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The 12 Days of Facebook

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By stealthtrollbutnotreally
tips parenting facebook family Video holidays - 76265217

Does Your Family Know This Simple Facebook Rule For Posting During the Holidays?

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rules confusion twitter monopoly board games angry holidays - 1289733

Families Everywhere Broke out Monopoly for the Holidays and These Tweets Capture the Profound Frustration Experienced by All of Us When Playing

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Guy tricks mall thieves with deceptive holiday gift | r/ProRevenge u/Hypetents Christmas gift Grandpa know guy has done this every year more than decade started some dick broke into cab his truck and stole Christmas gifts he had bought at Mall. If remember correctly, he had make two trips and some jerk saw him go back into store and busted his window long time ago am not positive details original event.

Man Baits Mall Thieves With Tricky Christmas Gift

Grandpa's so charitable.
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