It's springtime for hitler, and Germany, that's it. 

A Wild Logical Fallacy Appears

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By Unknown

Adolf? Adolf Who?

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By Matt Gifford

Too Bad You Can't Star These Memes

funny facebook image hitler memes are funny because you're racist
Via Dw110562

Really Struggling With Finding the Love Here

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Anyone Who Talked About the Greater Good? Basically Hitler.

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I Reich Those Guys, Too!

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By Unknown

Mein Kraft

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By Unknown

Abraham Lincoln: The New Hitler

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By James Avila

You Did the Best You Could

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By Unknown

Think About it, the End is Nigh!

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Via Brown Cardigan


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These Truly Are Modern Times

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By Sargent-Pain

You're Making Me REALLY Un-Kampf-ortable

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By Unknown

Not to Compare Facebook to Ethnic Persecution, But ...

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By Unknown

Behind on the News

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By Nate


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By Unknown
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