Maybe Time Lords Wrote the Constitution...

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A Brief History of the Emoticons We Use Every Day ;)

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The Civil War: Now With More Tanks

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She Saved France From The Flood

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Just a Thought: Please Don't Share Your Thoughts Again

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Cash Photos Never Have The Intended Effect

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One Caused the Deaths of Half a Million Americans, the Other Freed the Slaves

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Lolspeak Is the New Hieroglyph

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BOOM! History-ed!

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Tubman Really Needs to Work on Her Angles

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A Shocking Theory About Nikolas Tesla

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Rewriting History

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You Did the Best You Could

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A funny Tumblr thread about timelessly funny internet references | headspace-hotel S headspace-hotel forget Internet things would be incomprehensible 2 years ago phenomenon where is appreciation Internet things could show someone 3000 BC and be almost sure they'd get kick out 1 headspace-hotel

Tumblr Thread: Timelessly Entertaining Internet Gems

It's a tale as old as time itself.
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The Real OG

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