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Jesus Had No Flow

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By Unknown

Get a Divorce!

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By sassy_aloo

But... But I Wanna Be a Rap Star...

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By John Cena

Yes Please Let's Exchange 50 Cent With Africa

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By Unknown

Someone Isn't About That Party Life

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By Schrodobaggins

The Best Middle Name Alive

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That Guy Who Wrote "Stan"

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By SheDan

As Long As It's Still Raining Men

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By dbflyo

Hip-Hop Professors

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By Hutches

Teenage White People Are Hilarious, Aren't They?

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Remember: This Man Has an Oscar

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Dr. Mix-A-Lot, PhD

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I'll Take a Snoop Corndog to Go!

Text - 1 hr Columbus, OH I'm gonna drop out of school and run a food truck where all the food is named after rappers. Wu-Tang Clams. Philly CheeseDrakes. Lil Kimchi Notorious BLT. A Tribe Called Queso. Kanye Asada. Waka Flocka Flambé. Method Manicotti. Bone Thugs-n-Hamburger. NiQuinoa Minaj. Unlike Comment Share You, N and 21 others like this. Ghostface Kielbasa 1 hr Like 2 |Grandmaster Hash browns 1 hr Like 2 J. Coleslaw 1 hr Like 4 |I would invest in that so fast! 1 hr Like 1 T-Pain au chocola
By HalesFogno