Hillary Clinton

How's That Bible You're Supposed to be Reading?

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Once an Offensive Hillary Clinton... Now This

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More Hilariously irrelevant Political Commentary From Donald Trump

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Hillary Clinton Totally Nailed Watching the GOP Debates With a Single Gif

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Hillary Clinton's Twitter Account Has Become One Giant Republican Roast

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There's a Lot to Parse Out Here, Just Let the Dumb Wash Over You

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Obviously a New York City Flash Mob of Dancing Pantsuits is For Hillary Clinton

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You Might Want to Watch Those Episodes Again Buddy

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Leave the Crabs Out of This

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Bill Clinton Learns From the Best and Tries to Start a Viral Trend

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Twitter Account is Dedicated to Tracking the Elusive 'Hillary Clinton in the Wild' and It's Pure Greatness

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Hillary Clinton's Tour Bus Takes Advantage of Her Internet Notoriety

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The Best and the Worst of Last Night's First 2016 Presidential Debate

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The Overwhelming Booing at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Has Kicked Off the Party in Philidephia

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Celebrities React to Last Night's Election Results on Twitter

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