Harry Potter

Susan, Who Must Not be Named

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J.K. Rowling Is Forced to Point Out That Harambe Is Not a Patronus

image harambe harry potter J.K. Rowling Is Forced to Point Out That Harambe Is Not a Patronus
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That or Hotel California

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Damn Tricky Muggles

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Directed by Zack Snyder and Michael Bay...

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Harry Potter is Just a Twilight Ripoff

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Spoiler Aler- Oh, Come On!

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If Anything, Wizards Have Higher Death Rates Than Normal People

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Time to Start Studying Up on My Parceltongue

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The Sorcerer is Stoned

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Troll in the Dungeon

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Ten Points for Entrepreneurpuff

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What Do You Call This? Arachnotongue?

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PROTIP: Don't Fall Asleep with Your Phone Out

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George Alexander Louis Potter

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And Don't Get Me Started on Voldemort Battling Edward Cullen

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