happy birthday

Birthday Wishes

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By Unknown

Creepy Birthday

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By Unknown

Was It Really a Happy Birthday?

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By NintenDom

Feeling the Age

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By Unknown

The Keywords Being "Quarter Century"

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By Unknown

Happy Birthday from Not-Your-Mother!

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By Unknown

It's Not Gonna Happen, Bro

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By scottshott

Every Facebook Birthday Wall Ever

birthday meme of wishing happy birthday fails on facebook
Via College Humor

Try Listing It Next Time

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By Unknown

Facebook Predicts the Future

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By mark

Feel That Special Tension?

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By wtf8380123

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday trash, I mean Trish
By 01ivia

Wrong Celebration, Bro

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25 + 25 = 30

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By TheOneTC

So if Facebook Told You to Jump Off a Bridge...

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By Amanda

Before Facebook

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By Unknown
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