Dedicated One-Upsmanship, Courtesy of Twitter

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twitter gym millennials phone Video - 68448001

Finally, the Gym for Social Media-Obsessed Millennials

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A Dirty Stain

dirty gym p33n sweat working out - 6175870720

Real World Problems

gym protein shake fapping protein shake protein shake failbook - 7114072832
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Dear Zuckerberg, Please Invent This Straight Away

failbook g rated gym treadmill working out - 6227427840
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Ever Been so Oblivious You Didn't Realize You Were Being Hit on?

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Look at the Big Man Here With His 20 Pound Deadlift

bros do you even lift gym - 8233304320
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Fall Back Means What?

daylight savings whoops gym workout - 8367163648
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Bro, Do You Even Pre-Nup?

gym workout wife divorce - 8091718144
Created by beavercleaver

If a Bro Works Out in a Gym and Nobody's Around to See It, Does He Even Exist?

bros ecard failbook g rated gym working out - 6286720512
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Did I Mention I Was Working Out?

bro gym muscles working out - 6184054016
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If This Keeps Up I'm Wearing Blinders on the Treadmill

failbook gym pedo pedobear - 6216944640
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Unfortunately He's Only Packing Like a Greek God

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Now I Can Tell the Neighbors How Many Reps I Did

bro gym working out - 6402789120
Created by AwesomeSauce_57

Burning Those Calories With the Power of Reading

gym exercise puns books failbook g rated - 8122088704
Created by Julia

Mother's Day is Ruined Forever

do you even lift gym mothers day failbook g rated - 8451235584
Created by dirtyblueshirt
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