Proper Smartasses

grammar school skool spelling - 6186044416
Created by trivel64

John Cleese on Education

grammar education failbook g rated funny - 7771183104
Created by Unknown

Alcoholic Home Appliances

grammar xbox - 4688604928
Created by MachV

To Protect and Serve up a Serious Grammar Burn

military failbook grammar burn
Via paulinarodriguez

If Marriages Were Built on Spelling, You'd be Toast

anniversary grammar marriage spelling - 8343268352
Created by Jay

I Won't Be YOUR Accomplice

grammar nazi grammar bad grammar funny failbook g rated - 7465838592

It Looks Like These Two Are Perfect for One Another

grammar kids these days spelling - 8141918720
Created by Anony

Presented Without Comment

facepalm grammar spelling stupid - 5152502528
Created by Unknown

I See What You Did There, Brian.

grammar I see what you did there spelling witty reply - 5181201408
Created by uberspec711

Candidate for a Pullet Surprise

facepalm grammar spelling witty reply - 5206241280
Created by gb

Commas Are Overrated

grammar nazi grammar legs commas funny - 4923730688
Created by Sammy

So Much for the Education System

period grammar education stupid failbook g rated - 7672727040
Created by Unknown

It Literally Is

grammar literacy spelling - 4702428672
Created by Unknown

Forgetting Words Can Suck Sometimes

guitar grammar - 4897927168

Masculine Noun or Feminine?

definition grammar single - 6456684288
Created by Unknown

English is Hard

grammar FAIL spelling - 7825441280
Created by pandarian
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