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A Million Dollar Idea

google maps status win - 4448840192
Created by switchboard7

Easter Egg of the Day: An Android is Peeing on the Apple Logo in Pakistan on Google Maps

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Congrats, It Won't Last Long

google maps funny harvard - 7440465920
Created by marshmj

Go Home, Smell Ya Later!

google maps fresh prince failbook g rated - 8229749504
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Gosh, if Only There Were a Map of Some Kind...

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Next Time Try Using Google Maps

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Farmville google maps - 3104737280
Created by jamesheckley

You Complete Me!

google maps lost Maps - 6358881024
Created by Goldsilvern

They Just Marched Off in a Random Direction and Hoped for the Best

google maps Maps failbook - 7887218176
Created by Unknown

Get Used to Being Lost, Buddy

google maps gps lost - 8104341504
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They Just Wandered Aimlessly

google maps Maps failbook g rated - 7130338304
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They Used MapQuest, Duh

google google maps map Maps - 6369197312
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Isn't It Great How You Can Customize Your House's Name?

Microsoft fail in the house naming on their maps
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It's Been Good Knowing You, Richard

google maps whoops special delivery - 8310476032
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