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Next Stop, World Peace!

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By epichris

Cause and Effect FAIL

alcohol cause and effect good idea hangover - 4951141120

Back to School Tip #10

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Just Go At Night!

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PROTIP: Getting Out of Jury Duty

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Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

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Time to Print Some Money!

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"My Last One" WIN

cigarettes good idea win - 5199444992
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Pro Tip: Conquering Your Fear of the Dark

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Avian Advice

birds good idea status - 5130789120
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Someone Get This Man a Development Deal!

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Solid Advice

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A Cheap Tanning Place

cheap good idea tanning your friends are laughing at you - 5525960192
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Located in Scenic Everywhere!

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Another Option

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By Mac Dre

Troll Tip #8623

good idea How To trololo - 4945493760
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