God Now Governs By Majority Rule

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Via God on Facebook

Uncle Frank to the Rescue

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By Unknown

Get Off My Shoulders, God

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By Unknown
funny tweets about god that might send you to hell for laughing at these

16 Tweets About God You Might Go To Hell For Laughing At

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I'm a Fan of Vishnu Myself

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By -Babs-

The Share War

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By Unknown

At Least You Could Have Given It a Like

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By _C_A_T_

The Innocence of Children

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By Unknown

They Go Together Like Jesus and Jaywalking

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By Unknown

God May Be Watching, But He's Clearly Not Checking Your Spelling

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By alinakd


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By Friesian

Being Parked on the Mount

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By Unknown

No One's Worse Than Stan!

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By Unknown


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By Garrett Atkins
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The Internet Has a Pretty Good Idea How God Created Animals and It's Hilarious

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Take MY Name in Vain, Will You?

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By Unknown
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