Numbers Don't Lie

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Created by Cyrax
funny tweets about god that might send you to hell for laughing at these

16 Tweets About God You Might Go To Hell For Laughing At

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Help God Out a Little and Put Down the Phone!

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Created by Andrea Davenport

A Slight Clarification

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Created by JBarco

God Always Gets All the Credit

god medicine science - 7604626944

Hooray for Petty Theft!

gift god parenting religion stealing - 6173529600
Created by Unknown

Well, Which is It?

god drinking smoking christianity - 4971748096
Created by Unknown

The Innocence of Children

god facebook gay uncle - 6890845952
Created by Unknown

The Way God Works

bike faith god religion stealing - 6165304320
Created by Unknown

MANifest Destiny

god kitchen pray witty reply - 4702965760
Created by Unknown

You Know Who You Are

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God Commas Are Confusing Too

commas faith god grammar religion technology - 6173069568
Created by Unknown

Take MY Name in Vain, Will You?

god iphone texting ios 6 apple - 6674684928
Created by Unknown

How Would You Change the World?

chipotle ex girlfriend god witty reply - 5540274176
Via synimbricate_samael

Checkmate, Christfriends

checkmate christians god failbook - 6121052160
Created by Unknown

Man of the Cloth

god satan spelling your friends are laughing at you - 4703969024
Created by Unknown
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