97 Nifty States

united states geography states - 4856181504
By Eric J. Carter


facepalm geography stupid - 4842644480
By Unknown

Visit Exotic and Foreign NEW Mexico!

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washington dc florida new york geography North Carolina states - 7722276096
By Unknown

Welcome to London, the City of Love!

eiffel tower facepalm geography paris London Travel - 8248151296
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How Wrong Can One Person be About Africa?

Canada facepalm geography - 8431260416
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Spain, The Capital of South America

brazil Spain geography - 4842106880
By Unknown

Vacation: It Isn't Just for Smart People

Hawaii america geography countries vacation - 4980613888
By Siegfried

Too Late, the Stupid Virus Already Hit

twitter facepalm ebola geography failbook g rated - 8335309568
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Just Checking...

africa South Africa geography failbook g rated - 7638561536
By Unknown

Social Activism Test

africa geography Kony - 5948975104
By I Do

Hawaii is a Planet, That's Just Simple Geometry

Hawaii geography countries failbook g rated - 7035284992
By Unknown


geography pot calling the kettle question and answers too stupid for life - 3751733760
By Unknown

This is Either a Bad Joke or a Terrible Understanding of Geography

facepalm geography Sochi 2014 - 8054150400
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Beautiful and Unrelated

facepalm geography Italy Spain - 5106880512
By Unknown

Venice, ID Here We Come!

europe map geography - 8156505344
By Unknown
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