geography really your friends are laughing at you - 3545330176

Geology is the Study of Land Features?

greece geography countries - 7348973056
Created by alison.ray1

Next You're Going to Tell Me DC is a Capital City

facepalm america geography - 8419542784
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2 FAILs for the Price of 1

facepalm geography really - 4567057920
Created by Unknown

Welcome to America

america geography - 6672810752
Created by michfangoblue3

"Main Land"? MAIN LAND???

africa facepalm geography - 8233304064
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Wait, Really? Then What About Europe?

europe africa country geography countries failbook g rated - 6994029824

History Lesson!

america common sense failbook Featured Fail g rated geography history - 6008188672

A Three Hour Drive?

paris geography eiffel tower france - 7700223488
Created by c0lumbo

Venice, ID Here We Come!

europe map geography - 8156505344
Created by Jonny Morrison

Never Too Late for a Geography Question

geography india middle east - 6491653888
Created by Unknown

Pretty Sure It's the 51st State

america australia geography - 8017068288

Country Girl

dumb failbook g rated geography mexico - 5146130432
Created by Lauren

This is Either a Bad Joke or a Terrible Understanding of Geography

facepalm geography Sochi 2014 - 8054150400
Via Reddit

New York City Never Sleeps, Fool!

FAIL geography las vegas - 7917684736
Created by c1408283

Welcome to the United State of Los Angeles

los angeles pizza facepalm geography new orleans - 8315580160
Created by Unknown
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