We've Got a Pulitzer On Our Hands Here

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You Can Find Those Files Right Next to that Music That You Didn't Download

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It's Like They Come Once a Week or Something!

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The Problem With Geniuses on the Internet

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Why Hasn't This Been Done Yet?

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Baby Geniuses

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Genius, He Is

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By Morbo_the_Destroyer

Classic: This is Not What Smash Mouth Had in Mind With Their Song

trolling Yahoo Answer Fails sun genius failbook - 8274038016
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There's Only So Many Directions This One Can Go

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Now if Only We Could Get Some Coffee on This Thing...

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Let Freedom Ring!

4th of july birthday genius facepalm - 8245918464

Explain This Nice and Slow for Our Audience, Please

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Homebrews Are the Best

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If Only Such a Wonderful Place Existed...

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Knowing the Order of Operations Now Confirms You for "Genius" Status

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Just Go At Night!

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