All We Have to Do is to Decide What to Do With the Time That is Given to Us

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Butterfly, You Fools!

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By remmebercobain

3. That's the Point, Red!

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By Carbonated&Concentrated

I Think You Have the Wrong Wizard

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By bhavani

Too Dumb to Comment On

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By Unknown

Lord of the Strings

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WiFi, You Fools!

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But How Will We Pass Now?

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Magically Challenged

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Gandalf is Dead?

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Quick, Summon the Eagles!

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You Shall Not Rock!

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By tylerss20

If Anything, Wizards Have Higher Death Rates Than Normal People

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The Law of the Rings

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By credmo

A Proud Boss

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Autocorrect

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By star-burst
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