There's a Flaw in Your Plan

funeral - 7127356160
Created by onyxmoon000

Turn Up That Funeral

inappropriate classy funeral - 8150437120
Created by Spatsy

Somebody Confirm This is Satire. Please. We Can Only Hope.

swag inappropriate funeral - 8233263360
Via Brown Cardigan

Awkward to Awkward, Dust to Dust

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Foul Funeral

inappropriate funeral spelling - 8289278976
Via Dozza11

Not-so-Happy Moments Courtesy of Facebook's Year in Review

whoops accidental sad funeral - 8409550080
Created by Margy

Way to Keep it Morbid, G

ouch funeral morbid - 8308772608
Created by drunken_coyote

Putting The "Pun" in Funeral

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Created by Unknown

Not Sad Enough to Not Give the Selfie Side-Eye, of Course

Via Acid Cow

Double Bro 7

james bond 007 funeral failbook g rated - 7610447616
Created by Unknown

This Actually Happened. I'm Dead Serious.

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Created by Unknown

I Think You Can Guess How It'll Go

Sad funeral - 4952634112
Created by Unknown


FAIL funeral iphone news Protest steve jobs technology twitter Twitter Troubles via Westboro Baptist Church - 5281220864
Created by Baigs ( Via )

Pour One Out for the Homie

failbook funeral facebook - 8796220160
Via hexjam

Doctor Who the Hell Are You?

doctor who tardis Death funeral - 6654283776

They Had to Have a Closed Casket Funeral

funeral - 6680820736
Created by Tired of Stupidity
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