Turn Up That Funeral

inappropriate classy funeral - 8150437120
By Spatsy

Which Came First?

funeral, hearse, coffin, corona
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Not Sad Enough to Not Give the Selfie Side-Eye, of Course

Via Acid Cow

Not-so-Happy Moments Courtesy of Facebook's Year in Review

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By Margy

Some People Have a Very Different Idea of a Proper Funeral

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By ComposedInsanity

I Think You Can Guess How It'll Go

Sad funeral - 4952634112
By Unknown

Somebody Confirm This is Satire. Please. We Can Only Hope.

swag inappropriate funeral - 8233263360
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They Had to Have a Closed Casket Funeral

funeral - 6680820736
By Tired of Stupidity

Time to Add This to the Will

stripper what funeral rip weird failbook - 8455392256
By Freckles327

Everybody Get Up, It's Time to Scream Now!

funeral space jam - 6596230144
By Unknown

Too Soon, Dude!

Awkward too soon funeral failbook - 4978550784

Profit and Loss

Death funeral - 7245173248
By sonia

It Is Almost as If Your Friend Count Is Meaningless

dead facebook friends funeral - 6414037760
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Tweets Your Grandchildren Will Remember You By

comic funeral life poop pooping tweet twitter - 6187704576
By Unknown

A Church in Amsterdam Held a Funeral for the Facebook "Like." RIP, Likes!

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Foul Funeral

inappropriate funeral spelling - 8289278976
Via Dozza11
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