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And You're All Officially Considered Dorks

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These Are Ten Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Twitter

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Sticky, Sticky Bytes

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Admit it, You've Been Guilty of This

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Here Are Some Things Facebook Could Have Bought Instead of Whatsapp for $16 Billion

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They Say That Girlfriends Are Full of Vitamins and Minerals

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You too Can Make Up Facts on Twitter and Have People Love Them

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Way to Ruin the Moment, Tim

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Classic: And That's the Story of Fire Trucks, Kids

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Fun Facts About Our 42nd President? Who Could Resist?!

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Re-Target Those Targeted Ads, Please

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Relevant to What Serfdom?

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Fun Fact: Octopuses Are Terrifying

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Sure, That Totally Makes Sense Right?

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Ever Wonder Why Geese Are the Absolute Worst?

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