Trump's Campaign Uses 'Frozen' to Defend Controversial Tweet and Hillary Can't Let It Go

One of Donald Trump's tweets recently came under fire for anti-Semitism when he used a six-pointed star to call Hillary the "most corrupt candidate ever." The graphic was switched to circle, but the story doesn't end there. On Wednesday evening, Trump came back with a picture of a 'Frozen' sticker book with a red six-pointed star on it. "Where is the outrage for this Disney book?" Did you have to ask, Donald Trump? Because you knew the Internet would respond. #Frozen

donald trump uses frozen against hillary clinton
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Why stupid people shouldn't have nice things.

Stripping down and squatting like a frozen chicken is something New Zealanders are doing.
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Chicken kids these days.

A new trend is sweeping the small nation of New Zealand and it's spilling over onto other shores as well. That trend, in the same vein of planking, honors the frozen chicken. The humble, simple, frozen chicken.


It's called a 'Frozen Chook' because that sounds like something New Zealanders would say. Essentially, it involves taking off your clothes at a random place and squatting down like the raw bird. Oh, and taking pictures of it. Lots and lots of pictures.


Have hit the glorious 1000 likes mark! We are glad to see everyone is supporting the #frozenchook. Remember to send us footage of how clutch the #frozenchooks are in your area. We are now on instagram and will be posting from there also. Give us a follow and use the hashtag to explore a wider #frozenchook community.Baaaaa

Posted by Frozenchook on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Purveyors of the trend have set up a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account dedicated to spreading and collecting the best 'Frozenchook's they can find.

The future is in good hands.

Or should we say wings?