The Great Grocery Store Cookie Debate of 2017 Is the Twitter War We Deserve

Finally, a fairly ridiculous argument over something not wrapped up in politics---never thought I'd see the day. I've always loved these thick-frosted bites of sugar-rush-to-the-bloodstream goodness, but apparently that's a bit of an overkill for other, less appreciative swine out there that care about silly things like their physical health. And thus the stage was set for the Great Grocery Store Cookie War of 2017. Meanwhile, I'm over here with a newly awakened, blinding, wild hunger for a box of these ASAP; and also bothered, this is even a question up for debate. Many a night of my reformative youth was dedicated to greedily stealing at least 80% of these cookies from the box when my parents were foolish enough to put 'em within arm's reach/buy them in the first place. Surprised my teeth haven't fallen out yet. 

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