I've Bento This Place Before

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Created by Tom Aschengeschwandtner

Finally, Instagrammed Food is Fighting Back

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Gonna Reach That Rich 1% Milk Next Time

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Created by tamoriel

This Girlfriend Atrocity Must Stop

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It's Time For You to Meet the Canadian Company With the Oddest Product Descriptions Around

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Yeah But Can You EAT Marine Biology Research?

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Created by Bobby

We Could Have Been Something. We Could Have Been a Value Meal.

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So Dumb of You

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Created by Darkst

Spooky Scary Twitter Thoughts!

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It's a Proven Fact That Chicken Can't Get Fish Disease, Duh

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wendys twitter

Wendy's Grills Unsatisfied Customer to Such an Extent, He Goes and Deletes His Twitter Account

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Internet Reacts to College Chicks That Made a Gnarly Bath Bomb Out of a Boatload of Mac and Cheese

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