KFC fast food restaurant is launching a chicken sandwich into space with high tech balloon.

KFC's Launching a Chicken Sandwich Into The Far Reaches of Outer Space

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Finger-Licking Fingers

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By Unknown
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Next Time You Get a Donut Rip It Open and Be Disappointed If There's Not Something Else Delicious Baked Inside

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You Can't Really Beat (or Scramble) a Good Pun Thread

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By UsagiMaree

How Dare They Misrepresent Our Breakfast Choices!

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By Prelud3

It's Just a Coincidence, I'm Sure

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Via Acid Cow

Nando's Knows How to Spice Up Your Date

funny facebook image guy complains about spicy food on nandos facebook
Via Nando's

This Thread Is Giving Me A Haddock

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By jc2581

They're Lucky She Didn't Do the Same With The Tip

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By Unknown

The Missy Elliot Financial Mantra

The Missy Elliot Financial Mantra
Via apolohgy

Dad Loves One Thing and One Thing Only

Via Brown Cardigan

A Moment of Silence for the Kung Pao

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By Unknown

Death by Chocolate

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By Andi V

Sex Is Like _____

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By Shinteki

But The Food Was Fresh

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Via Pricklylegs

Hot, Fresh Pizza Served Daily in the Friend Zone

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