Asking for It

crocs fight witty status - 5424145664
By kittyking

When You're Here, You're Family

Via Tumblr
twitter FAIL fight reaction funny Video politics - 1140485

The Internet is Fascinated By This Dude With the Ultimate Chill When a Political Fight Broke Out

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Gotta Love Public Transit

drama public transportation fight bus - 8479372544
By ditzen

Australia is a Croc-Eat-Croc Tough World

facebook Queensland National Parks posts crocodile fighting another corcodile
Via Queensland National Parks

Street Fighters

fight homeless I see what you did there witty status - 5174935808
By Unknown

Battle Royale, Now With Extra Cheese

chipotle fight fighting taco bell - 6519512832
By Unknown

Oh Crap, There Are Only TWO Animals in That Picture, Are the Other Two Behind Me or Aggggghhhhhh

animals fight fighting - 6376434176
By Unknown

Bob and Weave!

fight haircut twitter - 8257636864
Via Brown Cardigan
twitter list penguins fight love brutal animals - 1113605

This Brutal Penguin Love Triangle Battle Was Basically Nature's Jerry Springer Episode

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Sims Deathmatch

clever facebook fight g rated Harry Potter Sims social media twilight video games - 5569566464
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From Casual Advice to Firing Shots, Burger King and Wendy's Got Heated on Twitter

funny twitter fight Burger King and Wendys get heated on social media
Via @Wendys & @BurgerKing

Nickel Fights Back

fans fight nickelback oh snap reply twitter - 5743050240
By Unknown

The Cutest Fight

emoticons facebook failbook fight g rated social media - 5600613888

This Would also Work if You were a Ninja.

fight paris win - 5550109440
By Unknown

A Mighty Good Man Will Keep You From Assaulting Anyone

bad idea fight relationships Overshare dating - 8322559744
By Unknown
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