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I don't even....

apple chinese Featured Fail nerd - 5421263872
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While You're Making Changes...

comic Featured Fail - 5230282496
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Nerd WIN

Featured Fail nerd oh snap school win - 5244391168
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Sarah Connor?

Featured Fail terminator twitter win - 5068473856
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You Just Did, Ellie.

Featured Fail feelings oh snap romance texts - 5226096640
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The Internet Generation

failbook Featured Fail g rated growing up internet - 5934499584
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"Oedipus Text"

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Must... Have... Context...

anal context family Featured Fail what - 5096050432
Created by Rixus90

Not Fooling Anyone

busted facepalm Featured Fail photoshop - 5415544064
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As Long As He Takes Them On Schedule

birth control Featured Fail questions tumblr - 5339611136
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Failbook: What Facebook Could Have Done With a Billion Dollars Besides Buying Instagram

college humor failbook Featured Fail instagram money - 6105605120
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Taco Bell WIN

Featured Fail lol oops taco bell win - 5077231104
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Awkward busted Featured Fail romance teachers - 3121485312
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ICWUDT, Fake Ellen

adele failbook fake Featured Fail g rated puns twitter - 5801080320
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Wrap Your Head Around That Math

Captain Picard Featured Fail math is hard numbers time - 5377450496
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Dear Alcohol,

alcohol Featured Fail truth witty status - 5435582720
Created by steven
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