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Failbook: Nerdgasm II: Ladies Strike Back

batman dating failbook Featured Fail g rated Game of Thrones girlfriend mario nerd old spice relationships star wars video games xbox - 6094571520
By K.

How to Impress on Your First Date

dating failbook fast food Featured Fail g rated kids these days relationship wtf - 6047911936
By Jack

Spoiler Alert

Featured Fail how i met your mother television - 6039928320
By John Smith

Biology in Practice

biology facepalm Featured Fail pages really school - 5196176640
By TehGlennOf1337

Failbook: #Bony2012

failbook Featured Fail Kony news twitter wtf - 5986393600
Via NBC San Diego

The Power of Twitter

failbook Featured Fail oh canada politics taco bell twitter - 6035324416
Via Reddit


Featured Fail - 3105752064
By Unknown

"Sweety, What is This?"

Featured Fail lol not what it looks like - 5130657280
By Mitch

Messages from God

A Failbook Guide to Trolling Featured Fail god lol mobile phone prank text win - 5219687680
By Unknown


Featured Fail oops texting - 3147313920
By Unknown


Featured Fail IRL Pokémon win - 3125935872
By Unknown

Punk IS Dead

facepalm Featured Fail - 5092197632
By Unknown

Defending Our Defenders

defriended Featured Fail military oh snap - 5258804992
By TaraDefies

Old Spice Riots

Featured Fail london riots looting old spice - 5073481216
By Certified_Winner

[Insert JAWS Theme Song]

comic Featured Fail ghost ghosts pacman - 5591334144
By Unknown

"You Drunk My Battleship!"

drinking Featured Fail games image win - 5410593280
By Charlotte
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