Who Throws Out a Whole Avocado?!

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Gained 10 Pounds? Level-Up!

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Big Belly

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Advice for Young Girls

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It's All a Matter of Perspective

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Too Much Food for Thought

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Use and Abuse

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How to Sell Plastic Wrap to Idiots

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To Be Fair, She Could Stand to Lose a Few Pounds

Text - 25 May via Mobile So I've decided I need to do something to get over my irrational fear of whales, any ideas? Like Comment Go swimmin with 1?? Haha! X 25 May at 23:31 Like :O what if it eats me?? :(lol! 25 May at 23:37 via Mobile Like | Then ur fecked! Ahaa! Just kiddin don't swim with 1 ur fears ok its not asif ur gunna walk past 1 in town! Cud be worse u could be scared off buttons :/looool 25 May at 23:39 Like | Haha yeah :) 25 May at 23:45 via Mobile Like IStop looking in the mirror.

Had Me Worried for a Second

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You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You

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Tusk Tusk, My Friend...

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Loose Lips Thin Hips

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Proud of Being Fat Is Like Being Proud of Having Anorexia

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Fresh Out

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