Emergency Exit

farts keys windows - 5327035392
Created by tinkybonk

Drop the Beat

twitter FAIL farts - 8972537344
Via @DaddyBlackery

Kids Are the Most Honest Criminals

gross farts teacher - 8036643840
Created by Unknown

If You Fart When No One is Around, Can it Still be an SBD?

farts true story apartment - 8160639232
Created by Unknown

I Felt a Real Connection!

Babies farts facebook - 6871527168
Created by Unknown

The Dangers of Dating Deaf


The Downside of Seat Warmers

farts cars oh god why - 8389608192
Created by DreadStorm

Studying Is a Gas

farting farts library school studying - 6326257408
Created by Pilgrimman

Noise Ordinance Kicks in at 10, Fart Ordinance is Always

gross farts - 8104927232

Not-So-Silent, But Deadly

farting farts school - 6179130624
Created by addrockk

The Hazards of Baths and Bodily Functions

bath drowning farts failbook - 6694708992
Created by Man Cat

Brilliant Logic

farts - 7755624192
Created by Unknown

Prepare for Launch

farts farting - 6772625664
Created by Unknown

Silent but Deadly Serious

farts what juxtaposition - 8140289536
Created by sga_photog

Wagner's "The Fart" Cycle

news gas farts - 8027057664
Created by Unknown

Truly a Day for the History Books

shopping gross farts - 8373542144
Created by Amy Dalton
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