Party Hard for Jesus

jesus christ fapping - 6942466816
By DevahRajah

Real World Problems

gym protein shake fapping protein shake protein shake failbook - 7114072832
By Unknown

Rob, I Swear...

fapping failbook - 7854232320
By Unknown

I Wish I Knew How to Defriend You!

brokeback mountain fapping tissues - 4641990912
By Unknown

I Don't Think That's Exactly What Aristotle Meant...

quotes timeless wisdom fapping Aristotle - 4759889664
By youngmoneymoproblems

It's Not That Hard

girlfriend fapping laptop - 6878373120
By Unknown

Record Time, Though...

fapping - 4868611072
By hi25114

She's Faplining!

hospital fapping doctors funny - 4909191680
By Holly

The Worst Kind of Typo

Blood facial hair fapping - 7602896128
By Lisa_Why

True Enough

fapping - 7820792832
By Tiffany

And This Week's TMI Award Goes To...

TMI fapping - 7817718528
By Unknown

Allow Me to Give You Some Science

fapping science - 4779412992
By Unknown

Having Reptile Handler Friends Pays Off

reptiles fapping snakes - 7400368384
By Unknown


fapping dating - 6847587840
By Unknown

Uncle Frank to the Rescue

god fapping - 7844746240
By Unknown

I Don't Think He Was "Studying"

finals exams fapping studying school - 7962170624
By Unknown
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