It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughׄ

Just Remember to Wear Your Crystals While You Do This!

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ads business charging copypasta Economics fake false rumors - 5243544320
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It's Just the Story of a Mythical Beast Washing Ashore in Hawaii, What's Not to Believe?

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ISISpiders Are a Real Threat

spiders fake Kill It With Fire satire failbook g rated - 8339778560
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You're Telling Me the iPhones They Sell on the Streets AREN'T Legit?

fake ripoff knockoff iphone - 8313197568
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Another Year, Another Winter of People Believing Hoth is Real

star wars fake photoshop nerdgasm at at - 8438122752
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Way to Ruin the Magic, Adam

caught nap fake - 8298457344
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Classic: Street Fighter

fake lol video games - 4495695360
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Your Granddaughter is a Popular Pinterest Pic? Crazy!

pinterest cringe Awkward fake - 8404619520
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Nobody Suspects the Reverse Image Search

art fake burn - 8275291136
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When Did it Become a Contest?

fake texting mom failbook - 8377217280
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You've Heard of This Fake Thing too?

the onion fake satire gaza - 8288193024
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Tired, Frustrated Parents Will Believe Anything

Babies fake parenting true facts - 8196303104
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Nobody Bothered to Pay Attention to the Obvious Spelling Mistake

fake facebook spelling - 8096846592
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Still Not Getting it?

fake satire facebook - 8207529216
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Cool Guys Never Look Back at the Damage

fake photoshop crash - 8301058048
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