Canada, Right Up Your Butt

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Spellcheck is Great too

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

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World Cup 2014: Illuminati for Stupid People Edition

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We've Got a Culinary Genius on Our Hands

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No Makeup, Except for the Part With Makeup

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Commuting on Hoth

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This Group Project Does Not Bode Well

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Austrian Vacation

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That's the Sound of an Eagle Shedding a Single Tear

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A Fox News Pundit Claimed the UK City of Birmingham was "Completely Muslim," so Here Are Some More Outrageous Claims via #FoxNewsFacts

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Let's Get Back to the REAL Issues!

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School Security With a Zero Understanding Tolerance Policy

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Wrath of the Munch King

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Microwave Time is Different from the Time You and I Experience

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