We Need More Power!

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People Like This Are Out Voting. RIP America.

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GMOh No, the Hippies Are Mad

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Happy Birthday, World!

birthday meme for the world
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Oh Wait...

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It's Just Hiding, That's All!

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Love is <strike>Blind</strike> Forgetful

Awkward facepalm name relationships your friends are laughing at you - 5423204352
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He Built it Himself?

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Spelling Mistakes Like This: Not Cute

grammar facepalm spelling - 8313249024
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Joke's on You, You Get Two New Years!

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Sometimes Tumblr Out-Tumblrs Itself

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Stop Winking and Tell Me!

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Be Careful What You Post on Facebook, Just Ask This Former Childcare Worker!

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Green Thumb FAIL

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At Least They Have MS Paint Down...

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First They Served My McNuggets, and I Said Nothing...

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