Such a Groundbreaking Language

english communication butts language - 7697295616
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But That's All Bee Slides the Point

english failbook g rated - 6178354688
Created by Unknown

Languages in Australia

english australia language funny - 7517416704
Created by ninaderpina

There's Willful Ignorance, Then There's This

Text - And it's considered disrespectful to use the wrong pronouns fyi This whole Bruce Jenner thing is bull..t. It's not like he's the first person to get a damn sex change. I'm sure most people would agree with me. There's more important sil t going on in this country than a guy being a coward. And what the is a pronoun? I dropped English class FYI
Created by Unknown

It's Like You're Speaking "Foreign"

english language Hypocrisy - 8281835008
Created by tomh432

You Know, I'm Not Sure It Was

translation english nonsense bing translator - 7032786176


deer english school - 6415001856
Created by Courtney

Slpelnig Fial

english job resume spelling work - 6249451776
Created by evilchristopher

Dumb in Any Language

english racist stupid - 5328078336
Created by Thomas Smith

The Number of "Likes" Here is Most Concerning

english facepalm america irony - 8322469888
Created by jamiebee1

No Tricky Turns of Phrase Here, Just Stop Punning

literature english puns - 8087863808
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failbook g rated China english wisconsin chinese - 7423775744
Created by SlipperPutty

English, Motherf**ker! Do You Speak It?

english spelling - 6921399040
Created by Unknown

Professor Anonymous

english failbook g rated grammar your youre - 6422940160
Created by Unknown

Which is More Tragic, the Play or This Post?

english shakespeare romeo and juliet - 8054042112
Created by SarahGwen

He Knows English?

english - 5010395136
Created by kirish12
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