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A Girl Created a Frightful Facebook Album to Bring Awareness to Post-Brexit Racism

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They're Close Enough to Each Other to Be the Same Country

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Basic Misunderstandings of Geography Aren't Exclusive to Americans

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Created by Emily

England Is Full of 12-Year-Olds

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If Only It Were True

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British Invasion FAIL

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Basic Geography Fail

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Created by McWorm

Thank Goodness Someone Took the Time to Explain What Happens When England Gets a New Prime Minister

image england conspiracy theories Thank Goodness Someone Took the Time to Explain What Happens When England Gets a New Prime Minister
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Basic Knowledge FAIL

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Created by NotForsaken
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Twitter Trolls a British Politician the Minute He Returns to Twitter After a Social Media Hiatus

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Celebrities Take to Twitter to Share Their Disgust About the #Brexit Vote

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Only in England Would Something Like This Happen

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At Least I Had Crumpets

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Created by cazzoid

English Pride, Y'all!

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I Thought They Were in the Ocean?

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