Sincerely, Your Old Wife


Til Friendship Do Us Part

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One Woman's Response to a Saleswoman's Accidental Insult of Her Engagement Ring is Something We Should All Take to Heart

heartwarming dating image woman responds to saleswoman's insult of her engagement ring is amazing
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The Best Start to an Engagement is to Piss Off Everyone in Traffic, Together

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Just Don't Get Too Excited

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Mr. Romance

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Gaze Upon the Desperation

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Because This Totally Won't Appear on His GF's News Feed

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A Wild Relationship Appears!

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That Dude Deserves a Tag and a Tip

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What a Loser! Catching Me and All That!

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How to Congratulate a Friend on an Engagement

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Well I'm Glad You Guys Turned Things Around...

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Sorry, Mom!

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Oh... Well... Uhh... Have a Nice Day!

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