Yes Ma'am, Right Away

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By Edmund

Redneck Love

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By Unknown

I Dream of a House With a Picket Fiancée

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By Unknown

Sorry, Mom!

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By AModernMyth


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By SSS123

Relationship Woes

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By Marvin Cespedes

Friends Are Always There for You When You're Down

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By Unknown

Hey Hey, You You, I Don't Like Your Boyfriend!

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By Unknown

There IS hope!

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By jlopez

"On What?"

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By Unknown

Jumping the Gun

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By bonkers

Get the Code Right

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By Unknown

I'm Guessing That There's an Interesting Story Behind This Status

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By Unknown

When a Transformer and a Woman Love Each Other Very Much...

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By shlatekkin

Let Me Simplify This

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By Unknown

You Can't Just Do That!

Facebook fail of someone updating that they are engaged before telling anyone.
By Unknown