Emotionally Challenged Bing

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By Roosterboost

It Is Now

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By Will
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If Jesus Had a Mobile Phone

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Symbolism & Sarcasm

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By Anonymouse

Here it is, the 100 Most-Used Emojis on Twitter in 2014. No, "Smiling Pile of Poop" is Nowhere Near the Top.

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By Unknown
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A Brief History of the Emoticons We Use Every Day ;)

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The Cutest Fight

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That Kinky Moon Action

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These Emoticons from 1881 Might Have Started it All

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Harsh Grading

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By Unknown


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By Miith

We've Cracked the Code of Hockey Twitter!

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What do We do Now That There Are "Emoji Among Us"?

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Throwing Some Music Your Way

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By Melissa Figueroa
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