Emoji are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. It is an extremely popular form of communicating within the online environment. 

Every Metal Show, in Emoji Form

emoji metal Music texting - 8355355392
Via Bro My God

Must Have Been a Great Meal!

emoji whoops accidental sexy sexy times - 8376480768
Created by ConcernedCousin

Home Sweet Emoji

Knitta Please emoji failbook - 8378034944
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emoji Nick Offerman Video - 66225153

Nick Offerman Introduces Us to Hand-Carved Emoji

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emoji texting Video - 65904897

The Over-30 Crowd Attempts to Explain Emoji

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Just a Few More Facebook Reactions that We All Need

funny facebook image the oatmeal suggests more facebook reactions
Via the oatmeal

Don't Even Bother With the Emojis

emoji facepalm sexy times texting - 8432844800
Via Acid Cow

The Emojis Really Call Into Question What's Going on Here

fap emoji Overshare - 8251358976
Via AnimalFriendly94

Rapper, Producer, and Full-Time Twitter-er Lil B Can Be Your Newest Emoji Set

emoji lil b texting iphone - 8322560768
Via Pitchfork

Hot Yarn Action

emoji bored sexy times - 8403059456
Created by Bobby McGee

Pink Shirt Emoji Lady Is Basically Every Stage of a Failed Marriage

Via waltergreens

What Your Favorite Emoji Really Mean

emoji Chart texting failbook - 8349089280
Via tpolisher

Grief Causes Improper Emoji Use

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The Kid's Mom Is Gone... Do You Have No Soul?

kids mom gone no soul
Via bangerrang

Right, Because Emoji Are What's Stopping us From Getting Educated

Via jid12345

Time to Stop With the Emoji Entirely

emoji plants texting - 8202985472
Via tpolisher
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