Going up? The elevator is the savior of all people, lazy and otherwise, who just can't stand the thought of a few flights of stairs. So take the easy way, the fast way, and honestly between us, the smart way. Who needs to get to their destination looking like they finished an IronMan.

Via Vocativ
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Poor Amanda Carpenter lived through a truelife nightmare when she got stuck in an elevator...seven months ago. In a desperate attempt to be rescued, Carpenter (former Communication Director for Sen. Ted Cruz) tweeted to her 90,000 plus followers asking for help. 

It only gets worse...

Annd then we get the golden response...just a tad bit too late to make a difference. Good lookin out Amtrak...

We can only imagine what Carpenter was actually thinking, but her tweet does a decent enough job at appearing, well, thankful?

Amtrak tried to make amends, nonetheless:

It's too late though. The internet's already well aware of all this madness...