Missing the Point

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By Amber

Lookin' Sharp, Sharpton!

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By Unknown
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Twitter is Loving This Clip of an Old Married Couple as the Perfect Way to Sum Up How Every Election Should Go

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Celebrities React to Last Night's Election Results on Twitter

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The Second Debate's Biggest Winner Was Kenneth Bone

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The Princess is in Another White House!

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By hhofent

Is It '2012?'

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By Unknown

The Humor Went Right Over His Head...

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By Unknown

Cover Photo. Stahp.

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By Unknown
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Twitter Has an Electoral Map for Every Occasion

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Resentment of the Day

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Via Salon

America Votes by Text

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By Unknown

Grab a Poptard

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By Unknown
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These Tweets Just Prove That a Sing-Off Presidential Debate Would Be a Hell of a Lot More Entertaining

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Obama 2016!

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By etorger2
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Reason to Vote of the Day: “Shame” Will Get You To Vote

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