When a meme is edgy, it typically implies it is trying to be dank but in an ironic way that is not edgy at all. Which ironically is a very edgy way of making memes.

Something Tells Me This Guy is Terrible to be Around

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Calling You Out

earrings edgy - 6179904512
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Something Tells Me This Relationship is a Bit on the Rocks

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This Guy is CLEARLY too Cool and Edgy for Facebook

conspiracy weather edgy failbook - 8032174080
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Yes, Let the Salt Flow...

cringe instagram rebel edgy - 8395027200
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This Blistering Satire Brought to You By Kyle, Age 12

dude parts rebel so brave barack obama edgy - 8374874368
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We Are Anonymous, We Are... Easily Identified

anonymous facepalm kids these days edgy - 8264240896
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Someone's Bleeding Heart Just Got Torn Out While Reading This

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God Probably Has a Sick Fedora too

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Give Me a Life Preserver, This is too Deep!

kids these days 2edgy deep edgy - 8138727680
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Take That, Nerds!

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"I'm Doing it for the Reblogs, MOM"

drugs tumblr rebel parenting edgy failbook - 8377214720
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He Doesn't Care SO MUCH That He'll Spend a Lot of Time Telling You About it

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Moooooom I'm Trying to be Annoying to All My Facebook Frrriiiiiiieeeends!

moms parentbook edgy - 8264242944
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I Gotta Take a Step Back, This Guy is too Edgy

2edgy edgy we got a badass over here oscars - 8092416768
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I Just Cut Myself on This Guy's Intense Edginess

edgy - 8175256320
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