Jeff Needs to Go Back to Watching "National Treasure" Over and Over Again

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What Gives, Sheeple?

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You Didn't Think Anything, Clearly

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The "Ebola Tracker" App Looks Ominous, but It's Here to Warn You About the Real Danger: Hysteria

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Think of This Like Pokemon With Diseases

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Apparently Africa Doesn't Count?

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Just Cook it Properly and You're Fine!

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Some Sort of Snack Cake, Right?

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Where Were You During Measlebola-Gate 2015?

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Unless That Soap Was Made With Fresh Blood...

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Your Phone: The Newest Disease Vector

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Way to Keep Up With the News

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You Can Be Too Soon, Right?

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Something to Keep in Mind During the Ebola Scare

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Tha's One Way to Handle a Potential Health Crisis

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Bowling for Puns

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