Suck It, Earth!

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Earth Planted its Flag on the Moon Years Ago, Wise Up!

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science memes

A Scientist Predicts We're Overdue for an "Extinction Level Event" and the Internet Just Cannot Wait

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I Can't Believe It Either...

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Amateur Scientists

Text - Post 39 minutes ago If the world has no gravity outside in space, does thy mean th world or earth is floating randomly in outer space. ?? Hmm answers Like Comment Share 2 people like this. Well it makes sense because if there's no gravity, things float, that's why everything on earth stays on the ground unless upwards force is put behind it because earth has gravity 36 minutes ago Like and we stay in place cause of magnetic fields from earth Post Write a comment...
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Checkmate, Atheists

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That Flat Earth Theory is Alive and Well

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How Do I Earth?

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astronaut posting pics of earth from space

Flat Earthers Will Say That It's Photoshop

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Happy Birthday, World!

birthday meme for the world
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Guy brings spirit level on plane to prove that the earth is flat during his flight.

Dude Takes Spirit Level On Plane Attempting to Prove Earth Is Flat

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Pack it Up, Find a New Planet

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I'm About to Go Over the Edge

Text - im that bored im gonna jump edge of the planet hahahaha bordem Like Comment about an hour ago likes this. vell i no a good diff near her if u want about an hour ago Like nah the edge of the planet about an hour ago Like well good luck with that about an hour ago Like A sphere has no edges. about an hour ago Like im that bored about an hour ago Like Write a comment...
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It's the Little Things

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How Gravity Works (Apparently)

Text - 2 August via Mobile Thought of the night: If the earth is round and gravity keeps us to it, does that mean if we loose gravity we fall into the sky Like Comment Share 3 people like this. we would float falling is from having gravity hahaha Haha 2 August at 19:57 via mobile Like Ya think 2 August at 20:08 via mobile Like 1 ? Like walkin on da moon lol We basically only have gravity due to the earth orbiting the sun. so if we lose gravity, our bigger problem will be that we will start drift
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people not understanding astronomy

15 People Who Don't Understand Astronomy

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