Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Everyone Knows What This Super Bowl Is Really About

drugs marijuana super bowl - 8032925696
By NavillaBean

It's as Easy as Swipe and Snort

funny fail image drug dealer busted for using credit card machine
Via @BBCGlos

Bro, I'm Feeling This Challenge

bong drugs marijuana smoking - 8305145856
By Kickan

Use Drugs Responsibly

wtf drugs idiots funny - 8439257088
By Unknown

U Don't Kno My Pain

drugs marijuana pot weed - 7004381952
By Unknown

"Dude, Where's Greg?"

drugs whoops tumblr high failbook - 8368614400
Via Awkward Messages

High Aspirations

drugs illegal parents - 5439366912
By Jessica

There is No Man Higher Than This Man

drugs marijuana texting failbook - 8386408192
Via sploodl

Just Say <strike>No</strike> WTF

Aliens drugs facebook failbook g rated social media status wtf - 5600169984
By Ninja

Sometimes I Worry About Eating Lunch Naked

drugs failbook writing - 6308369920

Facebook Creates a Mashup Made in Hell

drugs suggestion Probably bad News juxtaposition failbook - 8498886656
By Ezra

Helicopter Parents Thought These Were Drugs... Nope!

Via OwenMilloy

I Don't Think You Guys Are Hitting the Right Market...

drugs marijuana - 7876504576
By Unknown

Just a Quick Cash Infusion

addicted capitalism drugs heroin - 6208277248
By KelsieLynn

Honestly, What Did You Expect?

drugs texting trololo what did you expect your friends are jerks - 5257756416
By Dylan

Too Many MJ Injections, REST IN PEACE

drugs marijuana satire - 8130270720
By Unknown
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