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Make Me a Sandwich, B***h!

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I Make an Exception for Me

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By yomomma

When Douchebags Get Caught in Their Own Lies

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By Unknown

Why He's Single is a Major Mystery

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By Unknown

What's the Female Version of Badass? 'Badassette?' Still Just 'Badass?'

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By Unknown

Admitting Your Problem Is the First Step to Fixing It

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By Unknown

Maybe He Doesn't Like You

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By Unknown

Was Grandma Suffering From a Drought of Swag?

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By Unknown

Totally Not Full of Himself...

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By snickerpuss

And by "My" Car, I Mean My Parents' Car

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By Unknown

Here's a D-Bag Who Tries to "Lay Claim" to a Girl He's Talking To

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By Unknown